Oriental Leafworm moth (Noctuidae Amphipyrinae Spodoptera litura - Fabricius, )

Found two larvae, one in Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong on a Banana leaf on November 18, 1999.  The other was found feeding on Impatiens on Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island on November 3, 2001.  The larva is a typical cutworm, as the following images will show.  The larvae are quite polyphagous and both quite readily switched to (western) lettuce as LFP.

Anomis flava
Young larva, feeding on Banana leaf;
Length was 8.3 mm / 0.3 inch.
Nov 18, 1999.

The same larva on Nov 23, 1999.
Length was 2.1 cm / 0.8 inch.

The 2nd larva on Nov 12, 2001;
Length was 1.5 cm / 0.6 inch.

Nearly mature larva, about 3.2 cm / 1.3 inches long.
Nov 19, 2001.

Final instar larva; Dec 1, 1999.
The coiled shape is typical of cutworms when disturbed.

The pupa was formed on Dec 16, 1999 and Nov 25, 2001.
Note the thoracical, ventral knobs.

Moth in rest posture.
Eclosure was on Dec 21, 1999 and Dec 10, 2001.

Top and bottom views of the moth.
The wingspan was about 3.5 cm / 1.4 inches.

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